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Elena Kukanova
Well hello, my fellow artists! =)
I'm totally excited for the new (for me) possibility to share some of my artworks through DA website.

A couple words about myself, I'm a professional artist from Moscow, Russia. Recently I started using Internet and got my own website, and I am taking an opportunity to enter the online artists community at DeviantART.

As you can see, I prefer classic style, but not too classic ideas.
Hope you'll enjoy it! =)

Current Residence: Moscow, Russia
Dear friends, 

if some of you are interested, I'm offering 600 dpi prints of my artworks. Please PM for quotes. Scanning, printing and postage are additional ;)


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vivianne-undo Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Спасибо за фэйвы! Польщена ^^
Anharaggadh Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Thank you so much for bringing something so wonderful into the world. We (the world) are better for it, let me assure you :)
Yanagi-no-Yume Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015
Вы рисуете восхитительно! SO MUCH LUFF 
TheLoveSong Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So inspirational! Thank you for sharing your work
LeitaGR Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2015
Absolutely beautiful work! Thanks for sharing your art :)
EKukanova Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015
Thank you!
aegeri Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thanks for watch ;) i am honored :)
CatelfKitling Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
your works of art are most beautiful! I can not wait to see more from you! :la:
VunastiMamut Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
First off...your art is amazing (sincerely!). And that statement itself is extraordinary, considering I am not prone in indulging into sweet, flattering, white-lying bollocks.

Second - although not everything in your artwork fits with my biased perspective on the world, overall I would rate your art 8 out of 10 - but I fear that (relatively) my lack of experience in art and its technicalities might not be enough to be a competent judge

But I judge art (whatever form of it) with heart and eyes - and if I like something I simply like it. That's it. Art is in itself primarily focused on emotions (or at least it should be, in my opinion) - whether it be awe, pleasure, wonder, grief, fear, horror, anger, etc.

Art is the expression AND impression of the foundations of human mind.

Sorry for the long and pseudo-philosophical banter, but I could not help it - you strike deep down into the said foundations of mind - in particular - mine.

P.S. I have never, ever, seen such a fidelity and beauty and talent for depiction of human face as you do it.

That being said - I was attracted to your portraits of some of the characters from J.R.R. Tolkien's corpus of work, particularly from "The Silmarillion". It is a shame that so many of the numerous characters in it are so badly depicted.

What I would like to see are the other members of the House of Finwe that would be ennobled by your skill.

In particular (of course, if your interested - or if you are, but you have other obligations and are focused on other projects) I would like to see your depiction of the rest of the sons of Feanor - Maedhros, Maglor, Caranthir, and the twins. Or better than that - how about FEANOR himself, only Feanor.

Thank you...thank you for letting me (and no doubt others) enjoy the beauty of this and other worlds to its fullest.

With utmost respect, VM!
EKukanova Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2015
Thank you very much for your kind words,I truly appreciate it!
Totally agree with you about emotions and atmosphere in the artwork, my teacher talks that it's a main thing in art.  And your appreciation of the faces that I draw is really precious for me.  I think that the human face and mind is a most complicate thing for portray.

I hope to draw in a due course the other members of the House of Finwe, (I have in progress now a portrait of Maedros and the twins are in skethes). My illustrations for the Silmarillion is a kind of hobby now, I make it during a free time of my mane work, so I trying to draw the things that I wont to draw a most for a moment.

Sorry for the late feedbeck,
Best, Elena
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